Mission Accomplished: Client By Client, Time After Time

Excalibur Group, LLC started to earn an impeccable reputation in the healthcare
industry more than fifteen years ago, providing a diverse array of services in the fields
of advanced medical diagnostic and surgical device installation. We strive to ensure that
the Excalibur name is synonymous for smart design and an industry knowledge that is

Why do so many private sector and public entities turn to us when they require the design and construction of diagnostic and surgical devices for hospitals, imaging
centers and radiation oncology facilities? It’s primarily due to the fact that we have
won the trust of leading industry professionals, developing strong and enduring
relationships with esteemed architects, engineers, select subcontractors and medical
device manufacturers. It’s also a matter of preparation; we are fully equipped to
provide fast-track turnkey solutions to the demands of healthcare specialists, and we
are strategically positioned to respond to the demands of growth within the sector. In
addition to our knowledge and readiness, we leave no client’s concerns behind. We
provide attentive customer service during each step of the process and we’ll stand
behind our work well after it’s completed. A good reputation is priceless, and ours has
been created by delivering projects on time and on budget.

We understand the importance of what we do; our installations provide a direct conduit
to improving people’s health and in many cases, saving lives. We believe in no greater
mission than that which pursues excellence, and in our line of work, an adequate result
simply won’t do. That is why we provide the highest level of quality and craftsmanship
with every project we encounter. By incorporating unsurpassed professional expertise
with a focus on maintaining a safe working environment, we deliver positive results for
our clients with stellar consistency and distinguished success.

Getting Down to Specifics: Our Core Competencies
The Excalibur Group, LLC boasts a number of core competencies that provide healthcare solutions in the design, construction and maintenance of medical imaging and radiation oncology equipment. Within this specialization, we offer a diversity of vertically integrated services that allow our clients to meet the demands of a rapidly changing industry. These services include market analysis, design consultation, turnkey design-build, traditional construction, custom millworking, fast-track emergency support and facility maintenance.

The Turnkey Approach
The first step in being a viable equipment source for various healthcare facilities is
recognizing the busy schedules of the professionals who oversee them. We established
the turnkey program to provide these individuals and organizations with an efficient,
cost saving alternative to the traditional time-consuming and expensive construction
process. After an initial client meeting outlining the short term and long term project
goals, our specialists proceed with all phases of the construction process including

architectural design, pre-engineering logistics, permit approval, material procurement,
subcontracting and physical construction. Clients are free to carry on with their business
without the impediment of dealing with multiple contractors, individual designers and
the day-to-day operations of device installation. For the client, the primary benefit of
this approach is the simplicity of having one party responsible for the development of
the project. The end result is a finished product that saves the client substantial cost and time.

Mastering the Art & Science of Healthcare Construction
While our turnkey approach provides clients with the bid-build structure typical of
most construction jobs, our expertise is anything but typical. The installation of the
most advanced diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology equipment requires special,
ongoing training, and the mastery of these design elements is critical. With experience
that eclipses over fifteen years in the industry, Excalibur’s team of designers, technicians and engineers has developed the skill-set required to do any job at hand correctly, with confidence and efficiency.

Just as importantly, we modify each and every project solution to be the perfect fit. This
is made possible by our in-house metal fabrication facility, which gives us the freedom
to provide clients with an extended array of metalwork and engineering solutions
throughout the construction process. For example, the liquid cooled MRI chiller with
city water by-pass designed by Excalibur guarantees uninterrupted cooling to the
MRI cold head and/or gradient cabinet. If power to the chiller is lost or if a general
alarm is triggered, the city water by-pass can be activated to provide cooling to the
MRI equipment. We also possess the ability to design and fabricate one-off cryogen
ventilation systems that are engineered according to the unique specifications of each
job. Every client is unique and we scrutinize the details of each project challenge we

Providing Solutions from Coast to Coast
Our geographic reach extends from our main offices in Perth Amboy, New Jersey
to Wilmington, Delaware to across the country in Pleasanton, California. We have
delivered projects throughout the nation and have consulted internationally. Our
national headquarters in Perth Amboy come complete with a 20,000 square foot
manufacturing facility that includes a full service millwork shop, metal fabrication shop
and warehousing for staging and storage of specialty industry product. We frequently
fabricate custom components and ship nationwide to meet the demands of our
customers and support our satellite offices and job sites.

Spotlight: Hudson Valley Radiology Associates – Yonkers, NY

GE 450W state-of-the-art magnet

Hudson Valley Radiology Associates (HVRA) in Yonkers is getting quite an overhaul, and for this major imaging equipment update they chose to work with Excalibur Group, LLC. George Dale, Director of Project Management for Excalibur Group, explains that the project itself has as many intricate details as the devices they install.

“Yonkers’ imaging facilities had previously been using a Philips System, a 1.5 magnet MRI machine. They selected us to swap it out for a GE 450W state-of-the-art magnet, which will enable them to provide more services to more patients.”

Of course, the explanation of the job is much simpler than the execution. One of the main obstacles was the way in which the old equipment was situated. “This one was unusual,” says George.  “We had to take the old equipment out of a depressed floor; it sat lower than the rest of the facility. We then had to in-fill the floors with stone and concrete so it could support the new GE magnet. In most cases we have the opposite problem – we have to lower the floors because we don’t have enough height.”

Motivair System

The job is currently well on its way toward completion, and while the final result will certainly improve HVRA’s capabilities, the undertaking could in no way impede their current operations. George explained, “Their facility provides Mammograms, Ultra Sound, CT scans, all kinds of imaging. They serve a tremendous number of clients, and it is vital that they keep on seeing patients while we work. We will do anything not to disrupt their ability to see patients. That is the unwavering goal, the mantra, of our company.”

In order to keep the facility’s services ongoing, Excalibur Group provided a mobile MRI, which exists in a trailer and is situated on the site. With only eight weeks to complete the project, as well as Yonkers city officials concerned about how long the mobile will be staying there, there is no room for error. “The city is understandably concerned about the safety and noise of the mobile unit, but we take every precaution to ensure that it is safe and not a nuisance. We’ve impressed them so far.”

There is also the matter of cleanliness. George elaborated on the iron-clad rules. “You must absolutely, on a daily basis, leave a clean environment. There are two types of cleanliness. 1. Standard construction job cleanliness, keeping the area dust and debris free. 2. Cleanliness in regards to keeping the facility running. Since our goal is not to disrupt them during the day, we’ve built a barrier between us and their staff, so that noise is controlled and they can continue reading scans. All of our team members must do their part so that we don’t impact the facility.”

The final concern is something George describes as being “set in stone.” It’s the hitting of the delivery date, which is absolutely crucial. “We do whatever it takes; working nights, holidays, weekends, double shifts, extra labor. In fact, we’re aiming to bring the HVRA magnet in ahead of schedule.”

It is no easy mission, but that’s precisely why Excalibur Group took it on. “This is far from a standard construction job, but the challenge of this project – and every project – is always worth it. It’s what we do.”